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Map of South Tyrol
Map of South Tyrol
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Multifaceted world of the Alps

Not only ramblers have heard about them, but every nature-loving guest treasures them: the magical Alps.

Visitors to this unique holiday paradise spend their summer holidays in many different ways. Hiking, mountaineering and rock climbing are of course very popular in this region. But also horseback riding, fishing and swimming are great ways to spend a relaxing vacation in the Alps; a top-notch service and cordial hospitality at your hotel in the Alps also contribute to pure well-being.

Colorful wintertime: a winter vacation in the Alps stands primarily for skiing and tobogganing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing - after all, this is what a skiing holiday in the snowy Alps should be like.
And not to forget: hiking is also a very popular activity during the winter months – ski mountaineers and snowshoers can look forward to an exciting vacation in the Alps.

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